Character questionnaire

Below is a list of prompts to help inspire bits and pieces of character background and personality. Clearly not all of them will fit every character. Just focus and elaborate on say, FIVE of them. Any additional you would like to answer after that are perfectly welcome and potentially helpful, but don’t hurt yourself:

(1). A topic or interest your character knows almost everything about.

(2). A talent or skill your character believes they are one of the best at.

(3). Something your character thinks that you don’t.

(4). Something your character loved or hated as a child and how they feel about it now.

(5). An interesting or unusual trait that friends, family and co-workers might notice about your character.

(6). Something either taboo or unpopular that your character ’s really into.

(7). One of the first things your character would do with $1,000,000.

(8). Something your character just wishes they knew the answer to.

(9). An important tradition for your character to keep.

(10). Your characters favorite thing to do on their time off.

(11). Something that actually scares or worries your character.

(12). Your characters favorite thing about the holidays.

(13). Something your character would think about getting (or has) a tattoo of.

(14). Your characters first encounter with death.

(15). Where your character sees them self in a few years (short term goals).

(16). Something your character hopes to do someday (long term goals).

(17). Your characters happiest memory.

These are just some suggestions. Feel free to grow on or modify them in any way that makes them easier to work with. Go ahead and post any character information you gather from this questionnaire on your designated character page.

Character questionnaire

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